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2006 Hummer H3
2008 Toyota PRIUS
2009 Toyota COROLLA
2010 Lotus Evora
2011 Mercedes-Benz C-CLASS
2012 Infiniti G37
2012 Jaguar XK

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Geraldine R.

Autos For Sale is great. My husband recently bought our second vehicle here. The customer service did an excellent job, explaining to him how to buy online, how to place bids, and how to make a better decision. The sellers were very friendly, the owner we got our car from was from the same city and agreed to meet the same day we contacted him. Our overall experience was absolutely wonderful and we just love our new Explorer, it has two car seats, a double stroller and much more.

Nov 24th 2015
Hudson M.

My son and I said it best, dealing with buying a new car is nausiating. While I was trying to find a good car dealership, my son was scrolling on internet for an online car trader. Both of us got angry after spending 3 weeks looking for a reliable cheap car for him. It was hard for me every single morning to drive him at high school and then go to work, but finally we found this place. I didn't really like the Jeep my son got cause I'm more into coupes, but he is absolutely happy about the purchase and I am happy for him.

Mar 09th 2015
Raynor W.

I had a 14 year old vehicle on its last stretch of life, I needed to buy a new vehicle as soon as possible but at the same time I had to get rid off this one. Autos For Sale helped me with both. I found here a buyer who accepted a trade in for my aged car and offered more for it than I would have demanded. At the same time I was looking for a car I would like to buy and started bidding on them. All ended up with me selling the old car and buying a new one, and I'm very thankful for it.

May 11th 2016
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