The ultra-exclusive Matte Black Porsche up for auction!

07/11/2016 13:58:28
The ultra-exclusive Matte Black Porsche up for auction!
Many car collectors will be at the Mecum Monterey event in order to see and buy this unique model of Black Porsche 918 Spyder.

Aren't you looking for an ultra-exclusive hyper car, or at least don't you like such vehicles? We are convinced you do, because most of us here are totally crazy about powerful and good looking cars. This vehicle from the picture is an unique example in America, meet the Matte Black Porsche 918 Spyder.



For those who can afford it, and would like to take a chance on getting it we announce that the car will be sold at an auction next month at Mecum's Monterey event. Many car collectors from the whole country will be there also, so get ready to have good competition at the auction, who won't hide their cash and credit cards in pockets. The factory-clad exterior paint gives to the model not just a great look but also makes it more attractive for buyers. The no real boring paint isn't the only reason why many would like to buy it, the fact that it's a Weissach Spyder and comes from the factory with a number extras such as extended aero parts, special wheels and tires, upped power and top speed also are good reasons for that. It has only 1957 original miles, an almost new car, who wouldn't like that?!



As for its power we can say that the vehicle has under its hood a V-8 engine with 4.6 liter direct fuel injection. Get ready for 887 horsepower drive, because it it was this Matte offers, plus all wheels-drive. The factory rated top-speed is about 217 MPH, with a 7 speed dual-clutch transmission. Considering the original price of the 918 Spyder costs around $950K, we are pretty convinced this one will have a price tag of millions. 



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